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About Us

The Premier Private Car Service Company

Across Brooklyn, New York

The joys of having a driver drive you across Brooklyn is definitely more convenient than riding the bus, but then again, even it has its own limitations. Cabs for example are subjective when it comes to comfort and customer service. You may be lucky enough to get a decent cab driver from time to time but there will always be those days when the experience is not that preferable. Here’s where private car service companies such as NXT Inc. come into play. Point to point transportation, airport transfers, and even wheelchair accessible transportations are only some of what we can provide. We’re changing what it means to travel in comfort and convenience, for we believe that driving across town is more than just a point-to-point experience, it’s a lifestyle.

having someone drive you to your destination is convenient, but what about competition and convenience?

Redefining Private Car Services

Point-to-Point Transportations, Airport Transfers, & Luxury Transports

NXT Inc. is Brooklyn’s leading private car service company. We cater to anyone in need of an ideal private taxi service offer amid the competitive nature of private transport. With our team of dedicated car service professionals operating different types of vehicles ranging from sedans to town cars and even vans, our Brooklyn clientele gains the advantage of safe, comfortable, and-on-the-dot taxi service and airport transfers that no other car service company can rival.

Throughout the years of our service, NXT Inc. has acquired a fleet of vehicles that clients can choose from for any kind of occasion they have. As a premier private car service company in Brooklyn, we have a fleet of sedans, Lincoln town cars, SUVs, and vans for different occasions and needs. We’ve become one of Brooklyn’s top choices for fast and convenient car service solutions, especially when it comes to taxi services and airport transfers. Our drivers are screened and well-trained to know all the routes across Brooklyn and New York. This helps determine the best route for clients who need to get from point A to point B in the fastest time possible.

Our Guarantee

Unrivalled Car Service Company Across Brooklyn

We ensure that each member of our airport transfer and taxi service team upholds the values of our company, mainly professionalism and comfort:

professionalism amid the stress that our clients feel, especially since most just want to head to their intended destination or already feel uneasy knowing they are working on a tight schedule, and guaranteed comfort when clients want to unwind during the trip from the airport or their destination in general.

As the premier car service company in Brooklyn, we aim to lessen our clients’ stress and make them feel relaxed during the trip. These factors are what makes NXT Inc. stand out from the rest of the car service companies in the area. Our airport transfers and limo service are considered the best among other private transportations service companies in and around Brooklyn. Our drivers handle luxurious sedans and town cars perfect for black tie or corporate events. Our team of car service professionals ensure that each ride is in its best condition from top to bottom to ensure that our clients ride in style and luxury. Our riders guarantee smooth experience throughout the entire ride, making sure that they feel as comfortable as they are stylish.


Partner with NXT Inc.

The Leading Car Service Company Across Brooklyn

If you’re ready to replace the traditional bus ride and cab with the more luxurious private car service offers for your next ride in and around Brooklyn, New York, partner NXT Inc, the leading car service company specializing in airport transfer, shuttles, and taxi services. Book a schedule with us by calling 631-494-3374 or sending us an email at Alternatively, you can also download our NXT Rider app to make booking an appointment with us that more convenient. Experience car service like no other. Hire NXT Inc., the premier car service company for all your point-to-point transportation service needs.