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Across Brooklyn, New York

NXT Inc. is Brooklyn’s leading private car for hire experts. With years of field experience working with various clientele around the burrow, we’ve garnered a reputation as a car service company dedicated to providing top-tier car for hire experience that no other shuttle, airport, or private taxi service provider could. From humble beginnings, our company now offers a wide variety of transportation services across Brooklyn. We provide private taxi services, airport service, and luxury transportation solutions that’s guaranteed to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. Our drivers are well-trained and skilled to the point that they know exactly what the shortest routes across Brooklyn by heart. In this, it means they are able to avoid traffic jams to make the trip shorter and lessen the stress of our clients.

Check out what we have to offer so you can get a better idea of what’s in store for you.

Point-To-Point Transportation/Private Taxi Service

If you’re looking to bypass the hustle and bustle of Brooklyn’s lively yet absolutely busy streets and just get to where you need to be in the most convenient and comfortable way possible, NXT Inc. provides you with the solutions that you need. We’ve added point-to-point transportation and private taxi services for clients who want to get to their destination quickly or who don’t want to be disturbed with too many stops. No longer will inconvenience of competing with multiple people for a single cab be a concern for you with our cab service. With our team of expert private taxi drivers, we’ll pick you up on the dot and drop you off where you need to be within your respective time and schedule.

Airport Transportation/Airport Transfers

Flights can be quite tiring and or stressful, and most of us already know how inconvenient it is to hail a cab while you carry or pull luggage on the side of the street. And there’s also the ever so popular chance of you getting hustled by opportunistic cab drivers who offer taxi services for a ridiculous amount. Eliminate the stress by hiring NXT Inc. to get you to and from the airport without the hassle. Our car for hire service includes airport transportation for local and international clients, regardless where you are in Brooklyn, we’ll pick you up on the agreed schedule and drop you off in front of the airport and vice versa. If you choose to download our NXT RIDER app, booking our airport transportation services becomes even more convenient! All you have to do is book an appointment and we’ll have someone assist your airport transfer needs

Luxury Car-for-Hire Options

NXT Inc. knows the importance of special events, corporate or casual. We all want to experience comfort and convenience when opting for a car for hire, especially if the event we are attending requires added sophistication to elevate your presence. As one of the top recommended car for hire companies in Brooklyn, we’re here to offer our services to make your event that more memorable. We have a selection of well-maintained vehicles that range from luxury sedans to town cars. For those opting to attend personal occasions, we offer plush and luxurious luxury transportation services for you and or your associates. With our selection of classy and sophisticated fleet of available cars for hire, you can definitely choose a luxury vehicle that’s perfect for your event.

Client-Centered Car For Hire Company You Can Rely On

NXT Inc. puts our clients at the very heart of our operations. We understand that our business will not exist without the people we cater to. As a service-oriented car for hire company, it is our responsibility to deliver what our clients need, regardless if it’s private taxi service, airport transfers, or even shuttle services. We uphold the very values that our company is built upon, for we believe that this separates us from other rest of the other car for hire companies around Brooklyn. And while we admit that other similar companies also do provide excellent car services, we are proud of what we offer, and we make it a point to provide them with the utmost attention to excellent customer satisfaction as possible.

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At NXT Inc. we go beyond the typical car for hire and transportation service and provide all that you need to experience comfort throughout your trip across Brooklyn. Regardless if it’s point to point transportation, private taxi service, shuttle transportations, or airport transfers, you can rely on us to deliver a car service experience that’s worth your while. Give us a call at 631-494-3374 or send us an email at to schedule an appointment.